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Jericho - Lucas Grabeel
Petra - Roma Downey
Maya  - Kathleen Barr                         
Miguel - Lee Tockar
Ulysses - Blu Mankuma
Jesus - Kirby Morrow
Sykosus - David Kaye
Casius - Mark Gibbon
Seymour - Gary Chalk
Caiaphus - Richard Newman
Dim Sum - Kathleen Barr
Ariana - Allie Wigley
Pontius Pilate - Russell Roberts
Man at Pilate’s #1 - Michael Dobson
Man at Pilate’s #2 - Brian Dobson
Mother Mary - Kathleen Barr
Mary Magdalene - Nicole Oliver
Temple Guard Leader - Trevor Devall
Temple Guard  - Brian Dobson
2nd Temple Guard - Colin Murdock
Merchant - Richard Newman
Vendor #2 - Kirby Morrow
1st Pharisee - David Kaye
2nd Pharisee - Gary Chalk
Woman - Nicole Oliver
Passover Visitor - David Kaye
Disciple - Russell Roberts
Golgotha Woman #1 - Nicole Oliver
Golgotha Man # 1 - Brian Dobson
Golgotha Man #2 - Colin Murdock
Golgotha Man #4 - Michael Dobson
Roman Soldier - Doug Parker
1st Soldier - Gary Chalk
Guard at Golgotha - Colin Murdock
Believer - Michael Dobson
Man # 1 - Russell Roberts
Man # 2 - Michael Dobson
Man # 3 - Colin Murdock
Prisoner on Cross - Brian Dobson
Lucs Grabeel
Lucas Grabeel
“It is absolutely amazing; singing is what got me into acting, and it’s crazy that once I moved out to Los Angeles, I thought that it wouldn’t be part of my life anymore. But then there it goes… It’s just out of nowhere and I had no idea it was going to have this much success. It’s great.”
Lucs Grabeel
Roma Downey
When asked about how she felt about turning 40 she said, “For me, it’s a milestone age. I’m at a great place in my life. I have exceeded my own expectations in terms of what I wanted to accomplish by this time - I am a mother, a successful working actress, a producer and an author."
At Jesus' Side