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Bio: Valerie O’Conor, screenwriter and producer, signed on to At Jesus’ Side in July 2002, just to do a set of script notes. That became a five-year commitment of endless research and rewrites, adding Biblical scenes, writing the narration, and on-the-spot rewrites during voice recording. The addition of hundreds of non-writing tasks evolved into a producer role. Valerie is responsible for creating the characters and their place in the story, and worked extensively with the character design team on a more photo-realistic design. It all culminated in the joyous occasion of the final mix of the film in July 2007, when a fresh and engaging film emerged with an invaluable message to children and families – the message of Jesus’ forgiveness and unwavering devotion.

Valerie first apprenticed in screenwriting with Francis Coppola (1978-1981) in San Francisco and Los Angeles. She wrote and doctored feature scripts for some years in her native city of Los Angeles. She now resides in Minnesota where she splits her time between writing and her “day job” as a horse trainer and riding instructor. She is currently developing a live-action feature set in the world of international polo in Argentina, writing and doctoring a stream of other people’s screenplays, and beginning development on another animated Christian feature on the life of the apostle Paul.


At Jesus' Side