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Bio: Patrick has produced a variety of successful movies and helped discover movie star Keanu Reeves who received his first main title credit in the feature film "Youngblood", shot on location in Toronto in 1984 and starring Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze.

His most recently released film is Herman USA based on a true event about lonely Minnesota farmers looking for love. His most recognized film, ironically entitled I Love You To Death, is based on a true story and stars Kevin Kline, William Hurt, Keanu Reeves, the late River Phoenix and Tracey Ulmann. Wells acquired the true-story rights from detectives in Allentown, Pennsylvania and discovered the screenwriter as well. His other films include The Personals, The Cellar, Honor Bound and now At Jesus’ Side.

Wells is a co-founder of Lundgren Bros. Construction, Inc. located in Minneapolis and St. Paul. He and his partners sold the company in 1999, with sales close to $100 million, to U.S. Homes, one of the largest homebuilders in the United States. Recently U.S. Homes was purchased by Lennar, making Lundgren Bros. a division of the largest homebuilder in the United States.

Wells is the author of the book Free Rides: How To Get High Without Drugs copyrighted in 1991 by Dell Publishers. The book was reprinted in Japan and Poland.

Wells was a member of the Middlebury College hockey team in 1965 when they won the East Coast Small College Championship. He was awarded the Army Commendation medal, as a basic training company commander, for training an entire company of recruits with behavioral problems and learning disabilities, and ensuring almost every one of them would graduate in 1967. In the late 1970s, Wells, and hypno-therapist Harvey Misel, pioneered the use of hypnosis therapy in an experimental program that was documented in People, Newsweek, and USA Today, dramatically improving sports-performance. (Harvey Misel employed these techniques after he was hired by the Chicago White Sox in 1982 and the Sox came from 14 games back to win the American League Pennant).


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